Journaling and Scrapbooking: Free All Ages Workshop

Saturday, March 25 2-4 PM

Ages 5 and up.

In this workshop we’ll share our ideas about the wonderful free-writing known as journaling and the facilitator will exhibit some of her own journals from a lifetime of scribbling for fun and for profit. Participants will create an origami journal to take home.

Vicki Grove will be on hand with her journals and materials for anyone who would like to stop by and talk about journaling and scrapbooking.


Writers through the ages have known that journal keeping is a powerful portal to many different places: the beautifully detailed natural world around you, the intricate workings of your own spirit, the funny and sometimes sad situations in your neighborhood or family.  Each participant is welcome to bring his or her own journal to show and talk about, then together we’ll make origami journals, which are perfect places to explore and exhibit four different aspects of our lives. Come with some idea of which four parts of “you” should go into this special journal. Suggestions might include pets, hobbies, goals, children (or parents), spirituality, nature, houses you’ve known, poetry writing, quotations that you love, concepts that you admire, friends that are important to you, etc. etc. This project enables you to explore yourself creatively and then gives you an artistic place to display the amazing things you learn.

Vicki Grove has been a freelance writer for 38 years, has published 10 books for middle grade and YA readers with Penguin Putnam, and has written about 300 articles and short stories for magazines ranging from American Girl to Twilight Zone. Journaling has always been her favorite thing to do, and the 27 “life catcher” journals she uses for her work are what she would grab if her house was on fire.

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