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Conspire Needs Your Support!

We are pivoting in difficult times. Here's how you can help.

What a crazy time we are living through! As you may have heard, very small businesses like Conspire have not been eligible for government aid during the pandemic. We are forging ahead with our move to a larger space, but this exciting time is also incredibly stressful. You can help keep Conspire afloat during this uncertain period by contributing to our fundraiser, sharing our posts, writing reviews, purchasing a gift card to use later, or shopping online. We will be offering Facebook Live sales every Friday until Mother's Day from 6-7 PM, if you'd like to purchase a gift for your mom from the shop. Most of all, we just need to know that we're building this new community space together through mutual love and support. We're feeling the love and it is keeping us going! Thank you friends. JD

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