New for the Holidays


Holiday shopping is in full swing, and Conspire is full to bursting with creative new fine art and gifts. Weve also added some new artists we think you’ll love. Here’s what’s new.

Teresa McGuire Fine Art– You may have caught Teresa painting, sculpting, or crafting in the studio space at the back of the shop. In addition to her paintings, we now carry gorgeous hand-painted full length skirts that swirl with galaxies and spreading trees. DePauw University alumni and students will love her framed charcoal sketches of college landmarks, and her original oil paintings are vibrant additions to any setting. Teresa is local to Greencastle and an important part of Conspire.

Rebecca’s Treasures Studio – This Spencer native has been making adorable toys from recycled fabrics for over 30 years. You’ll love her whimsical hand-sewn Christmas ornaments, dolls, and tiny cats.

Calendars are coming in, and they are awesome. Lisa Kessler Studio offers two old-fashioned tearaway calendars in her signature modern folk art style. Kate Funk has created a 2018 Cat Calendar that is a hilarious mashup of cultural icons and her long-suffering cat, AC. The Our Bodies, Our Selves Calendar is a new project portraying beautifully tattooed women, and all proceeds benefit women’s reproductive services.

Holiday decorations for Christmas, Hannukah, and Solstice are coming in. You’ll love the dainty Christmas tree candy boxes and whimsical fox, raccoon, and owl ornaments by Whimsy Fine Art. Our artists have made the most unique ornaments we’ve ever seen, from tiny original paintings by Ginger Danz to gourd doves from Sue Westhues.

Big Picture Farm– If you haven’t tried the handmade goat milk caramels from this Vermont homestead yet, you’re in for a treat. With flavors like Raspberry Rhubarb and Brown Butter Bourbon, these are the best caramels on earth. Our giftable watercolor boxes make this a perfect stocking stuffer or teacher gift.

Come on in, have a cup of hot tea, and see what’s new at Conspire!

December featured artist: Starsprinkle Supercollider


Our featured artist for December is the extra-sparkly, rainbow-colored husband and wife team of Starsprinkle Supercollider. We’ve known these gentle, free-spirited artists for several years through the tightly knit handmade community of Bloomington, Indiana, and we know you’ve love their style as much as we do.

Joshua is the force behind the whimsical, often storybook-inspired prints you’ve noticed in the shop. He applies his signature style to a series of faeries, monsters, and stories from Peter Pan to The Raven.

Cecily is a metalsmith and jewelry designer who creates the faceted, sparkling gemstone necklaces you may have noticed in the shop this month. She is inspired by the bunnies she loves and cares for, and often depicts creatures of the forest in her delicately crafted earrings and necklaces. Her depictions of unicorns, bunnies, and foxes in tiny wearable terrariums are some of our favorites.

Learn more about Starsprinkle Supercollider and their love of nature, fantasy, and a love of storytelling by visiting their website at Starsprinkle Supercollider.

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