New Artists for October


We have some lovely new jewelry, local foods and fine art in the shop for October! Here are some highlights of our newest artists and artisans.

Salame Jewelry Design Brings the raw magic of crystals and geodes to life in a collection of elegant necklaces, bracelets and hairpins. This jewelry has sparkle, magic and power.

Ginger Danz Fine Art features a selection of colorful, quirky acrylic paintings and prints of everything from goats and chickens to guitars and fiddles. We love her mini paintings!

Ugo Bars Are vegan, high protein, healthy snack bars that taste awesome. We now carry Cool, Sage, ANutter, Wanderlust, and Ultra bars.

Harmony Bracelets are locally made leather bracelets with magnet closures and cute charms. Our customers love them and they’re selling out fast!

Threads of Life is our favorite new business. Bloomington artist Amy creates bohemian dreamcatchers and funky mounted animal heads that defy description. From a dignified racoon in reading glasses to a fluffy bunny nestled in a large wooden shoe, these creations will spark your imagination.

We also have cool new prints, posters, shirts, hats and enamel pins from Miss Happy Pink, and cute vintage-inspired Halloween decorations from Lindsay Hine Schroeder Fine Art.

If you haven’t been by the shop for a while, stop in and see what’s new! We have a cup of tea for you.

Featured Artist for October: Ginger Danz


We are so excited to welcome Greencastle native Ginger Danz to our collection of artists. Ginger’s colorful, quirky style and eye-catching images make us happy. Ginger is now a resident of West Virginia, where she creates images of everything from goats and chickens to Italian landscapes. Visit her website at for more information. Here’s a glimpse inside Ginger’s studio and creative process:

Top Stories: Photography by Aaron Swartz


Our new gallery show is extra fun. “Toy Stories” juxtaposes barbies, legos, baby dolls, yodas and dinosaurs in modern, unexpected ways. Indianapolis artist Aaron Swartz will change your perspective on toys with this whimsical and tongue-in-cheek collection of his photography. Showing through January 1 at Conspire.

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