Granola Girl Soaps
Granola Girl Soaps are made right here in the shop! Our soaps are 100% all natural, palm free, and cruelty free, made with only pure essential oils and natural colors. They contain a large proportion of olive oil for a high-quality, long lasting bar, and we use lots of creamy cocoa butter and golden, unrefined fair trade shea butter to condition the skin in each bar. Coconut milk or raw goats milk add a silky slip and conditioning lather to all our soaps, and most of our bars are vegan.
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Baby Bar- Lavender, Goats Milk, & Honey
Bee Bar- Citrus, Oatmeal, & Honey
Bike Bar- Mint, Tea Tree, & Green Tea
Blonde Bar- Beer, Oatmeal, & Lavender
Hippie Bar- Patchouli & Coconut Milk
Milk Bar- Unscented Goats Milk
Spa Bar- Sea Salt, Rosemary, Lemongrass
Stout Bar- Beer, Act. Charcoal, Anise
Tea Bar- Lemongrass and Green Tea
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